I am an Italian fine art photographer with a background in art and design based in London. I am interested in the persuasive power of the image and of the visual language and this is the foundation of my work. I started to take pictures as a teenager mainly portraits and self-portraits. Through the years and many experimental phases, this became my main passion: portraiture as an investigation of human existence and the self. As an artist-photographer, I am driven by the complex relationship between subject and photographer and this is what makes my portraits very personal. However, I decided to move on to a new and challenging direction and start to work with portraiture using studio light facilities and work on commission based projects using my vision and knowledge of photography to offer a service based on clients’ needs. When I work with my sitter I am very versatile and able to offer different types of portraits, from very formal and business orientated to very artistic, personal and expressive. I believe that a good portrait is based mainly on engaging with the sitter and making them feel special so that the best out of the time we spend together.



  • MA Fine Art Photography, London College of Communication, University of the arts, 2013, UK
  • BA Graphic and Media Design, London College of Communication, University of the arts, 2005, UK
  • Sweeter than peaches and pear with cream, chapter II, 2018 – curated by Maria Adele Del Vecchio at Tarsia Gallery, Napoli
  • Leave Things as They are, 2013 – Contemporary art exhibition of video and photography, Palace of Art, Catania, Sicily, 2013
  • Ellipsis (falling short), 2013 – MA Fine Art Photography Final Exhibition, London College of Communication, University of the arts